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Adolophine's Tale

African Craftsmanship to the world

Bringing Artisan Goods from Africa to the World. 

At Adolophine, we are an open community welcoming anyone curious about African art, design, traditions and values. As Africans, we love to share our stories and experiences. We are an inclusive platform where you will learn the story about each beautifully handmade product. Once you purchase, you can share the story with others.

Adolophine’s objective is to bridge the gap between Africa's cultures and our consumers, introduce you to our amazing artisans and educate you on their craft and purpose. 

Our Artisans

Very simply, our artisans are people who make beautiful things. The skills, passion, love and history of our artisans are unparalleled. 

We help people in developing countries throughout the African continent, most of them women, to participate in the artisan trade, continue their practice of producing traditional crafts while earning an income and sustaining their livelihoods. 

Shopping Adolophine's artisan goods creates jobs, increases local incomes, and preserves ancient cultural traditions that in many places are at risk of being lost.

Join our Community

Adolophine welcomes anyone to learn, enjoy and take a piece of Africa into your homes and lives. 

Our Vision



Our specially curated products are authentic and made by artisans who have been producing goods passed down from generation to generation.



We support the economic sustainability of our artisans as well as the preservation of the cultures from which our products originate. One of our goals is to educate and spread the passion and craftmanship of our artisans to the world. 



We have partnered with Prodige Hands Organization. Prodige is devoted to rebuilding systems of care and support in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Congo has been affected by man-made disasters and war while the natural resources have been pillaged and fought over for decades. Prodige Hands provides medical relief,  preventive care, secures housing and education for those most affected. Adolophine and Prodige Hands are currently working on providing for an orphanage in Kinshasa. The orphanage is managed by Padre Hugo Rios along with volunteers. We hope to set processes, structure and help finance the work of this critical orphanage. Your purchase will help us meet those goals.